No one should miss a meal due to poverty

The Food Bank of York Region (FBYR) is dedicated to alleviating food insecurity and hunger in York Region. We serve as a nexus between the abundance of surplus food in Ontario and the non-profit organizations that provide food and meals in their programs, and food-insecure individuals serviced by our mobile food bank program.

What We Do

FBYR collects, warehouses and delivers surplus food to community partners all across York Region.

Why We Do It

Members of our community face homelessness, mental illness and physical disabilities. Help us provide healthy food choices.

Get Involved

You can help address the food crisis by donating goods, financial contributions and volunteering.

Impacting our neighbourhood

In response to the increased demand for food assistance, the Food Bank of York Region has continuously grown its food collection and delivery services to help meet the need of people facing food insecurity in our community.

Since 2020, our food distribution has grown by over 100% to provide food for over 2.5 million meals annually. With your support, we can ensure that more food reaches more people in need in our region.

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Support our community
Make a difference

Seniors with dwindling incomes, single parents, homeless and unemployed people in our community who can't make ends meet struggle with food insecurity. 

Your generous donations make it possible for our Food Bank to rescue surplus food and work to eradicate hunger in York Region.
How You Can Help

Reclaiming Food, 
Feeding the Hungry

Food banks and other community organizations in York Region are leaders in providing critical support, including food, services, and resources, to people in our communities in need. 

These grassroots, community-led organizations work tirelessly to bridge the gap caused by poverty and low incomes.
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A Special Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors

Through their generous support, 24,000+ people who visit our community partners network each year receive food.

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Help Feed Our Hungry Neighbours
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