Why We Do It

When considering communities experiencing food insecurity, Ontario’s Regional Municipality of York may not immediately come to mind.  However, while some of the cities and towns in York Region may be considered prosperous, small pockets of rising affluence are concealing areas of deepening poverty.  In a study conducted in 2015, 169,000 residents in York Region were living on a low income. 


Residents in York Region are living on low income (2016 Census Report)


Residents used a food access program in our network in 2021


of people who access food programs or food aid are children

Why Food Banks?

Over the last few decades, Canada has seen significant changes in its economic landscape. Though the economy has grown, hundreds of thousands of jobs such as those found in the manufacturing and natural resource sectors, have been lost – only to be replaced by low-paying work, often in the service sector. As a result, for a growing percentage of Canadians not able to earn enough income to meet their basic needs, food banks are critical to helping to bridge the gap.

Learn More

For more information on food scarcity and the reasons behind it in Ontario, see Feed Ontario’s 2021 Hunger Report.

For more information on food scarcity and hunger facts in Canada, read Food Bank Canada’s 2021 Hunger Count Report.

For more information on food insecurity in York Region, read the Food Bank of York Region’s 2020 Report on Hunger in York Region.

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