What We Do

At the Food Bank for York Region, we adopt a unique strategy for reducing food insecurity and eliminating hunger in our region. Our Food Bank serves as a food distribution hub and the only food access program in York Region with the capacity to collect, warehouse and deliver refrigerated and frozen products safely.

From pick-up to warehousing to delivery, we maintain the integrity of the cold chain, ensuring the safe transport of healthy foods to our community partners, who in turn directly serve the hungry and needy at local food pantries, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, seniors programs, and social housing.

The economies of scale we realize could never be matched by individual agencies diverting their limited resources to take on this task.

How We Do It


Pick-up non-perishable and fresh donated food


Store in our refrigerated vehicles and warehouse


Distribute to our 80+ community partners in York Region


Together we feed thousands of people every year

Community Partners

The Food Bank of York Region provides healthier food choices to 80 community partners that service 24,000+ clients through local food banks, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, social housing and other agencies that provide meals and food to their clients.  

Providing safe and reliable delivery of healthy foods to our community partners allows them to direct their scarce resources to their programs to assist people that are hungry, rather than sourcing and procuring food for their programs.  Learn more

Corporate Sponsors

Many corporations, organizations, foundations and individuals generously give time, funds, and food the Food Bank of York Region. Through their generous support, we provided $7.7+ million worth of food in 2020 that feed 24,000+ people who visit our network of community partners each year.

We are grateful for our amazing partners who help to end poverty and hunger in Ontario!  Learn More

Join our Mission to 
End Hunger in York Region

Together we can make a difference in
the lives of those in need today

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